Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I Am So Tire

Finally I get to sit down and write something. These past days I worked like a dog. I got my brain and body tired. For the last 3, 4 days I didn't sleep much. Right now I can't really tell you about the project despite I may have spoken it out to some of you. Anyway, this project is BIG! Well, for the people in HK, you guys will see it in Jan 1st. For the people who don't know about this project. I can tell you guys a bit. I have designed a big billboard for a famous composer who will open up a music school soon. The billboard is located in Causeway Bay.

Well that's all I can say for now! Later on I will post my work up. Oh yeah, I will go to the site to take some photos so that you guys will get to see it. Anyway this is going to be a good portfolio for me and of course the network from the clients.

So this is probably the only x'mas time that I have worked in my whole life. Even though it's tiring but seriously for some reason, I quite enjoy it! I think one of the reasons is that I get to do something I like! I just hope that I will still find time to play music with my new band.

One last thing, I finally bought myself the MXR KFK EQ pedal and the Boss Noise Suppressor. I can't wait to use them to create some monster heavy guitar sounds!


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