Saturday, March 25, 2006

Still Alive

These days been busy working on the 林夕x伍樂城 CD design. It's the first time I'm handling a commerical CD work. It's gonna be a good portfolio for me. The deadline is 29th so I only have few more days to work on, so hopefully I get to deliver some very good works to the client.

Next, the bassist from my band decided to quit because he wants to focus on his salon work. Well, all I can say is I wish him all the best. So now just the drummer and I are jamming and writing songs. Hopefully soon we will be able to find the needed members and complete the line up. So far we have written 2 songs and I think they're good.

Also I need to pick up the bible because I haven't read it for awhile now.

1 comment:

AddONE said...

Hey Joe, finally blogging eh?...haha

Working on commercial CDs...nice. Hope you'll get a site up, then you can put your stuff online for all to see, haha.