Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Met with Tsui to buy some instruments for G-ONE this afternoon, then Albert joined us at Tom Lee. Later Albert and I were going to Wan Chai since Albert had an interview there. While waiting for Albert, I went to 集成中心 to walk around. There is this 集成展廊 which is now showing some artworks by 香港痙攣協會 Clients of The Spastics Association of Hong Kong
My thought after seeing all the amazing artworks is that as a healthy person, am I using myself the fullness?

生命不在乎得到什麼、只在乎做過什麼 - 黃家駒


G-one Ministry said...

That encoraging.

Made me re-think ourselves as healthly person, what did we do for the good of the world....


MUR said...