Saturday, July 15, 2006

iPod Reborn!

Brought my iPod to Mong Kok Ho King to have the battery replaced. It costed me HK $138 but now the battery is even better than the original stock. My iPod is the 4th generation which supposed to play 8 hrs straight. Now the battery can actually plays up to 12 hrs and I tried it today and it has played 10 hrs already and the indicator still showing some battery left! Yeah!

Tomorrow will be another long day! These days the work load is so heavy that we have to OT alot. I got to bandroom late tonight because of OT! Gosh I need time to do my own stuffs. Anwyay, I wont work there long as I will quit the job and head to Toronto in August 22 for 3 weeks. Then will come back to find a better job (hopefully).

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