Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Today got a phone call to interview at noon. It was a very rush one as they wanted to see me this afternoon. So I have to quickly take a shower and fix my look a bit. Then I needed to go to bandroom to pick up my portfolio as I left it there. Tried to pick up a copy of the work I did from cching but I couldn't have time at the end. Well, I did get to the office on time. The company is called Financial Times which is located at Two IFC. We had the interview at the big conference room which has a super nice view.

They looked through my works and they liked them. They explained to me their works and stuffs that I will have to do if I get hired. Anyway, it's not much creative works but I think it's still challenging. I hope to get this job as it seems a good one. Anyway, it's a 4 months contract so if they like me I can be promoted to permanent staff.

Hopefully can bring some good news to you guys! Take care y'all!!!

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Andy said...

Good Luck man