Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's Friday Night

Met Tsui and other guys for Tsui and Sze's wedding briefing. It's good to see that they are getting married. God's amazing because He put these two different people together, not only that, He also mold them into ONE. It's my honor to be Tsui's brother for the wedding! Can't believe that we have met for over 6 years. Add oil Tsui!

After the briefing, went back to bandroom to meet the MS guys. We talked about Mensheng's direction such as joinning the competiton, releasing a single, playing more and more shows etc. It's good that we all have the same direction which is to take this band as far as we can. I believe that we will be better and better as long as we work hard.

Dusk sent me this photo she took before the 8.18 show.

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