Friday, June 05, 2009

My Feeling for China

I believe love is the key to success in China.

I was 15 when I saw the incident on TV. I knew what's going on. Be it right or wrong, good or bad. So after 20 years, seeing the country is getting better (in some ways), I feel proud to be a Chinese. At 16 I moved to Canada and I felt that my Chinese root became less and less, to a point that I felt I was Canadian Chinese.

5 years ago I came back to Hong Kong try to find my Chinese root. Having lived in Hong Kong and visiting China in the past 5 years, I got to find my Chinese blood and root. I believe that the Chinese government needs to do something to help change the country to be a better one.

Often time we focus strongly on economy and business, but we forget the moral in one's heart. Seeing so much news about the corrupted government and the businessmen in China really make me sick. But thinking about it I can relate to them because no one person wants to be poor. However we cannot be greedy. It’s sad because I believe babies were born with na├»ve hearts. It was our surroundings that influence us to who we are today. With the government focusing on the economy and business, we start to think money is the most important.

So let us start to think again. Is that money or love that is most important to us?

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Addone said...

It has been a long time coming, but slowly and surely China is changing into something better. We just need more time, and more love...and constantly being threatened by the US isn't helping.