Thursday, March 24, 2005

Touch Music

Today I took 1/2 day off. Why? Because I went to visit a very cool place, Touch Music

I met a very nice guy called Wahdee today who is responsible for the studio and the production. He showed us the studio and his staffs. During our conversation, we shared our missions and visions. We talked about how our ministries started and how God leads and uses us. I really feel so blessed what God has given me. I treasure this meeting alot because Wahdee reminded me that having faith in HIM is what we (Christians/Ministries) need the most.

It was so nice of him to tell me that if we G-ONE needs any help in the future, we can always go to Touch Music. I really hope that one day all the Christian music groups/ministries/bands can join together and do something together and make an impact to our city. With HIS power, I think nothing is impossible.

God Bless Y'all.

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