Sunday, March 27, 2005

Future Acoustic

Tonight's Future Acoustic was pretty good. There were Chocoball, Hilson and his friends, Yik and me.

Chocoball is a young 4-peice group. I talked to them and they told me they are more a punk rock, pop rock band, so playing softer acoustic music is not their strength. However, I think they were pretty good and I think they will eventually get better and better.

Hilson this time didn't play guitar for his set. He chose some softer songs for the event which I think was good. I like some arrangements of his new songs. He added jazz and some blues in his songs which is new to him. I really support this brother, God bless him!

Yik and I re-arranged some of his songs. The songs have more breakdowns now but we were not so ready so we did some mistakes here and there, but it was a good try. For my part, Hilson helped me on guitar and Yik did the percussion. Played 2 songs by Henry which talked about Jesus's road to the cross and cruxified. Then sang one song I wrote. Hum, tonite wasn't at the best so made some mistakes as well.

Anyway the highlight of the night came when a Christian lady came up to us and took a mic and asked audience questions. Something like why would you believe in Jesus. I was suprised but yet felt so good that people actually gave us response. She also helped us to move things and packed stuffs after the show, thanks alot to that lady!

Yeah, Jesus is around!

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