Thursday, April 07, 2005

Hospital, Home and Birthday

Finally I am home! Nothing is better than getting home!

I played basketball 9 days ago. I got injured and I torn my archilies tendon. This time is my right leg. 12 years ago, I torn my left side's in April 8. The next day of my birthday.

The doctors and nurses are pretty nice to the patients. Specially the nurses and the cleaning crews, they joked around with us quit a bit. The other patients in my room were also nice people. We talked quite alot. Actually yesterday when I left we traded phone numbers.

Thanks all my friends who came to visit or called me up. I felt touched by all of you guys. Thanks! My family, of course was the biggest support! I love you all!

So today is my birthday and I get to be home to celebrate! I feel so good and blessed because I thought I may have to stay in the hospital still. I hope with a year older, I will be able to do something more challenging and productive! As my company is out of business, so I hope I will find a better job this time. Oh yeah, maybe a girlfriend too. haha!

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