Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Core Group Meeting

Tonite we had G-ONE core group meeting. Tsui came to my house a bit earlier so we went down to the little park to read some bibles and did some sharings. There are times God wants us to learn through difficulties and many times we fail and struggle, though He still gives us strength to come back and fight again! The key is you gotta have faith. If you don't believe in Him, then nothing will become possible.

Later Ho Man and Carmen came and they had dinner with me and my family. My mom made some good dishes and yeah, for the first time since my injury, I had eggs at home. Well, they told me that as I have surgery, I ain't not going to eat any eggs or beef or whatever. Gosh! I like eggs alot and it's been like in prison for the last month since the injury cos I can't go anywhere and I have to be home all the time. Good thing is that my mom and my dog Muizi are home with me! So after the dinner we had the meeting and we had discussed alot of issues and we also came up with some new ideas that help the ministry.

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