Monday, May 23, 2005

F**king Breeders 狗養的繁殖商

Got an email from my sister as well as a pet website. It talks about a dog being abused and threw away by some fucking breeders 繁殖商. I have a dog my own that I took home from my friend's dog parents. Anyway, those bastards are really 狗養的. The following content is taken from

TOPIC : 牠可能是你買回來的小狗的爸爸 ...
(警告: 內容可能會引起不安)

大家還記的得多年前的一個以史立莎做主角的地鐵廣告嗎? 但在照片裡, 我根本不可能相信這就是一頭史立莎! 買狗時, 可否想想眼前的小可愛是如何得來的呢? 牠們的親生父母在繁殖場, 不見天日, 只困在籠, 雙手雙腳終生不可落地. 當牠可以接觸到地面的時候, 便是牠再沒有利用價值的時候, 因牠已經被無良的繁殖商當垃圾一樣掉在街上.

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Anonymous said...

is the dog getting better now??