Friday, July 15, 2005


Suna sent me a site this afternoon 失望...變成了上帝的指示

Here I want to share with you guys. No matter you believe in God or not, if you have time, take a look and it will help you to think about your life and open yourself up!

I have gone through periods of disappointment in my life. Some I still can't fully get over with, though I believe that there is a reason which God wants me to learn. Every since moving back to HK from TO, I haven't got one stable job. I worked in 4 different companies in less than 2 years. The last one was bad enough that my company went out of business. And just 2 days before the last day, I went to play basketball and torn my arcilies tendon which caused me a surgery, 7 days at the hosiptal and over 2 months of staying home recovering.

But then God gave me something I couldn't have imagined. First he gave me the idea on my music life. During my recovery I have written 2 songs which are something very different to my previous songs, and I believe that it will be the kind of style I am writting. Something more emotional and less heaviness.

Then I got to meet a girl who's like an angel to me. Someone who cares about me and someone who gives me hope in romance relationship. If I never hurt my leg, I wouldn't have known her, period! So that's what I learn after seeing a bigger picture (why I lost my job and hurt my leg).

My friends, I encourage you to visit this site and to read the words and hopefully you will find a new life if you ever need one!

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