Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My Gun And Bullet

I realize my mouth is like a gun and my tongue is like a bullet. It can really hurt people. I feel sorry to everyone that I have hurt in the past - my families, my friends, my loved one and even my Lord. I never had the idea how much it could hurt someone with my words. Recently I said something to hurt my girl. At first I didn't even know how much pain I caused her. I was plain dumb. I know I left her a scar and I know that it's not easy to be removed. I pray that God can heal her pain.

I am not writing this for mercy, but to tell you that what's like to have an evilish mouth which is given by Him. From now on I gotta do my best to control my mouth. Otherwise, the lesson will not be learned.

At the end, I want to share some reading with you. It is from 雅各書3章 and when you open here, you can see the teaching at the bottom.

Take care everyone, God bless y'all!

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