Thursday, September 22, 2005

Gibson SG '61 Reissue

I bought this guitar about 3 years ago from an ebay store. It's a display model but totally new. The sound of this guitar is sweet yet powerful with distortion. SG has been my favorite guitar over the years. Beside this 61 reissue, I have another SG which is a standard model. I got the standard SG from a friend when I was in college around 10 years ago. I will put up the photo of that one later on!


Lowina said...

Send me your demo!!! I wanna listen ~~~~~~~~~ (This is a reply of My Space)

Anonymous said...

I bought an almost brand new 61 reissue a couple of months ago off of ebay and just love it. I took it to a company in town that builds guitars to set it up and cannot believe how much better they made it feel and sound. Great instrument the 61 reissue SG is.