Sunday, November 06, 2005

Muizi's Birthday!

Muizi and Icy (left) at Pet Petrazzi. Fanny, C Fu, mom, sis and I celebrated Muizi and Icy's birthday at this nice 2nd floor cafe for dogs. They were so happy to play with other dogs as well. Last year Muizi and Icy got to celebrate with 3 other bros, sis and their parents.

At night, my family and I went to some restaurants near home. Some people called that the Eastern Soho. Anyway, there are many many dogs in that area. Muizi got to play with them a bit. Though some dog owner didn't like Muizi because Muizi was a bit hyper at times. BUT, Muizi is actually a very nice and friendly dog. She hardly barks and she just loves to play. Anyway, I found some people quite annoying cos they would say shit about other people's dogs. Oh well, stupid people everywhere!

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fiona said...

Your dog is cute :) I have a picture you sent of her when she was a puppy, with a bandana on her head.

I'm thinking/planning on going to hk in the summer to visit my grandma. Summer's super hot, but it's the only time I can stay for long. I'll let you know when plans finalize because I have to meet up with you of course!

p.s. You look just like your mom!