Sunday, November 13, 2005

Paul Wong 903 id club Show

After the Qiu Hong set, I went to HITEC at Kowloon Bay for Paul's show. Since I was told we got 2 more tickets, I called up some friends and see if anyone wanted to go. At last I found Ben and his guitar student. The show is free standing but since I got the tickets from a friend at 903, we got to go into the VIP/media section which is the most front in the venue. It was good to see Paul again. The lineup last night was Paul, Ah Yin, Jimmy, Jun and Yung Chai. Ah Yin was so loose last night that he even did a little dance, of course he was awesome as usual! After the show I met a new friend called Birdy who I happened to see before during last year's Beyond final show at the backstage. I told him I saw him and we started to talk. He seems a cool guy and he gave me a name card and he actually put up a photo exhibition in July. The exhibition is called "Rock fan's diary". So I asked him to have dinner with our friends. We had a very good dinner at some Vietnamese restaurant in Ngau Tau Kok.

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