Wednesday, November 15, 2006


We used to have a friend who played in the same old band with us, but now I will call him a JERK. To say all the shits he has done to our band, it will take alot of time to say them all. Anyway, the worst thing I have experienced with him is this one:

As we were not playing in the same band anymore, we decided that we will no longer want to rent the bandroom together. So he then decided to leave. As he went on to pack up his stuffs. He told me that we broke a EQ effect rack's handle. He said that because we moved it so we should be responsible for it. Ok, since we had already had tough time dealing the rent and stuffs with it. I told him that I would bring it to have a fix. As first he told me to buy him a brand new one, of course that's impossible. So today Danny and I went to Sham Sui Po to have it checked up. Under the bright light, I found that there were some super glue left over on the broken/cracked area. The people from the store I went to told me that yes it was glue left over. Gosh, what a fucking guy!!! The rack is broken already and he wanted us to pay for it. No fucking way! Anyway, he's no longer my friend because he's a fucking jerk!

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