Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Anyway, we made peace with that guy I mentioned. During the Sunday service at church, God told me to go ahead to say sorry to him because for once I said something rude to him. Maybe it was the reason this whole thing turned out to be a mass. So I called and said to him I was sorry with the words that I used and said. I also told him let's talk and see if problems can be solved. Anyway, things turned out to be better and he's going to leave the bandroom with the same money we gave him (for the stuffs that we share), also we are going to give him a bit more for the carpet. Anyway, things are now ok even though we may not like each other, but at least to me, he's not my enemy anymore. Maybe I wont call him a friend, but for sure I won't call him a jerk. After all it's not easy to hate someone that you once care.

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