Saturday, December 23, 2006

New Watch and New Wish!

First of all, really really really thanks cching for getting me a very special X'mas present. It's a black steel watch by Katharine Hamnett. I love it so much, thanks hun!

So I dont know much about Katharine Hamnett, therefore I went on to search info about her. Find out that she's a very famous fashion designer who's best known for her political t-shirt and her ethical business philosophy.

Later I also find a very good article which titled "Fur is back...and the fashion industry should hang its head in shame". It's a pretty long article but it is a very good piece. I will say that if you have some times, please read it because it will tell you how bloody some fashion brand names can be when they use skins from the farm that peel the skins out of the animals when they are still alive.
You can see many videos which show how they skinned the animals while they are still alive.
This one is an anti-Burberry campaign. It shows the world how cruel Burberry is.


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