Saturday, June 30, 2007

Got Fired

Not much to write these days because I have been quite busy until yesterday. I was fired from work. Why? Pretty simple because of the office politics. Anyway, It's a new day and I need to look up and be positive. Good is that they pay me an extra month to fire me. Actually if not they fired me, I would quit my job by the end of the year anyway cos I really don't like the people from my department. Just bunch of unprofessional people who play with their power and talk behind back. Oh yeah, why those people are like that? Simply because my manager is like that too. Anyway, when HR talked to me about my termination, I let them know what I saw from my department. Of course they know what happened but what can they do? Cos my manager has alot of power so everyone pays respect to her but do they really like her?

I told them next time they should hire a girl who gossip because being the only man in the department, I feel that they never let me to get into their circle.

So thanks for the money and firing me and I will get a better job!


Addone said...

Hey man, keep on looking to the bright side!

Hope you'll be blessed with a job (and work environment) you'll really like soon!

minori said...

i dont know how to say about it in english. but i think god gives you a rest at once. i believe you will get better job. coz you can DTP and web work. thats why.

foxymcdee said...

u know what, this is also happen in my department, i am really tired of that!and those gossips are from a man! >< i also looking for a new job now, i wish my company will fire me so that i can get a extra salary too. hehe! so leaving a department like that isnt a bad thing a. go go go for a better one:)