Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some update

It's been awhile I haven't updated my blog. Number 1 is that my home's internet connection was lost for some days. Then I was getting upset from work. Long story short, it's all because of relationship with the colleagues. I mean when you have to deal with a group of "8 pau" everyday, you get tire to work with them. Like a 2 hour internal department meeting. Over 1 hour of time they were talking about stupid stuffs. Then when your manager said you work slow compare to last designer, that also upset me because she has no clue about how much more work I am handling now. Then I got so sick that I hurt my lower back, got a flu and what? intestine pain AGAIN!!! Gosh I kept on going to the washroom back and forth.

Now my girlfriend cching complains I don't write about her anymore. She asked me why I would write about those "8 pau" but not her. I told her maybe in the future when I look back to my blog I remember those "8 pau" around me cos I know soon they will leave me or I will leave them. But to my gf, I think we are pretty stable now and I don't think we will leave each other. hahaha


cching said...

see jor la la la~...

Addone said...

Haha, wow Joe...constant adventure for you man!

Persevere, bro...sometimes the best way to resolve a problem IS to just talk it out.