Sunday, August 19, 2007

After the 8.18 Show

So thank y'all for coming to the show last night! It was awesome to see so many people turn up! I thank you all for supporting us! Last night Fish, Dusk and Apple sent me some photos and I picked some I like from them and to upload here to show u the MOMENT.


ugine vincci said...

it's even better than some top bands in the world which they've ever had.
- thx for yr fren, Dusk, to take that for u!

- Great show! u guys did it! pls keep rocking up yr lifes.. & more shows more gigs more more.., ha ^
btw, i was sooooo tired after the show, but also did enjoy it v v v much, yeah ~

Thx alots - Mensheng

mr.piksi said...


beracahvalley said...

Hello drop by your blog. Cool stuff. Hope I was there!

Chemical Robotiks said...

cool pictures