Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So we finally uploaded two songs to http://myspace.com/mensheng

The recording session last quite long and finally we got to finish the recording. Actually there is still one more song to do but only the vocal recording. We will probably upload the 3rd song later this week. It was a tiring weekend but I really enjoyed every moment of it because I got to learn alot recording stuffs. Here I gotta thanks Chi and Zams who have taught me alot these few days! Thanks dudes!

So Let's Rock this world Mensheng!

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vincci ugine said...

yeah~` 1 more song pls.."在所不計", longing for that already ^< & i also wanna thx chi & samz; without their helpful hands to joe, i can't hear those great songs sooner, hehe, so..thx thx ar, dear! ^