Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Taiwan 3/22-26

It was a great trip to Taiwan! I went to Taipei, Tainan, Keelong. This time I got to visit some music places that I didn't go last time. The Wall was a great place to watch a show, although you told me this place's sound isn't that great. You know, HK doesn't even have a place as close as The Wall. I also went to a big music store but instruments in TW are more expensive than HK so I guess I am lucky to live in HK. I lived in different places from some poor motel to some nice hotel. It's all good to me because I was with you. Well, this time I didn't eat so much but I still had some good food! Anyway, we had a very great time and may God bless both of us! Your arm will be ok so don't worry be happy.

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