Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Shows, Sichuan And People Around Us

For all the people who came to the Shu Yan show on last Saturday. Sorry our set was cut short due to some issues. I won't try to name names but there was a band who didn't show up at soundcheck and it caused the show to over-run. Let's give some support to the Shu Yan students because they worked hard to organize this show for everyone.

Next, our band played pretty bad that night. For my part, I was too emotional driven and I coudln't clam myself down. Before we started our set, I told all my bandmates that since it's the first time we played a show after the earthquake, so I wanted to dedicate the show to the people who died or survive. When we played "Po Liu", our last song, my head was images of Sichuan earthquake and I thought we people in HK are way too lucky to have the luxury playing expensive musicial equipments. I had this gulity feeling with me for awhile now you know?!?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy all the great bands from last night and I hope that we all remember that we can give alot to the people who need, starting the people around you.

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