Thursday, October 23, 2008


When I get more quiet, I can usually hear more.
When I try to listem more, I always can see better.

There is something I need to change. It's hard but the only way to get better is to break the habit. It's hard to have both God and devil side by side because simply it doesn't work. So since I am still believing in God, then I know I need to stay away from the devil. Although it's hard but I think the power of the Lord is far greater than the devil's.

So Lord, please give me the strength to fight my struggles and guide me through the way. I know you are always by my side and walk with me.

I pray you that you clear my mind and let me have a quiet heart, so that I can hear you better and understand the mission you have given me. Next month there will be a mission trip to Sichuan and if this is your plan, please help me to clear all the obstacles and let me serve you like how I used to.

Thank you Lord!

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Sung-Ling said...

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