Friday, September 26, 2008

Going through the motion

I just remember I have a blog! I haven't written anything in here for a long long time. Over the last couple of months, I have been busy with my band. We are recording our first album and since I am the one who record and produce so I have to learn alot of recording stuffs. Here I want to thank two persons: Chi and Nam who always help me through the recording process.

These days I am learning to wait. I know I have some distance with God now. While packing to move to new house, I saw stuffs that cching gave me. I still think of her sometimes, I wonder why would we break up. It's a big lesson to learn but it's also a tough one. Then listening to the song "Moon" that Sung Ling sent me, I also thought about her and wondered how's she doing now in Taiwan. I think I really need some quiet time not to think of any relationship stuffs because for the last few years, living in HK I haven't been able to stop and think. This is such a rush city with high pace.

Maybe next month when I get to go to Beijing, I can find my own pace and try to go back to the basic.

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