Thursday, June 16, 2005

城大 City U Show

Last night I went to City U to watch a band show. It's been a long time I haven't gone watching show. It's great to see many friends from the indie scene. Many of them asked me how's my feet and etc. Also talked to my ex-bandmates as they will play the first show later this month. Well, here I wish them all the best! Pak To actually talked to me about now with just 1 guitar (after my departure), the sound became much thiner and not as good. Well, I told him let's see what's going on maybe one day we will play again together. Somewhat I miss the band. We had a good time and I always thought we could do something really good.

Irresistible Hearts opened for the show. These guys contained 3 members form ex-Hardihood. Overall I like their songs but it will be nice if they add more melodic parts to their songs. It will probably give the songs more diversity and interesting to hear.

Freestyle played 2nd and they had a good performance. It's their last show as well. I wish them well as I hope they will keep on playing music.

意色樓 is the new band with ex-Choke members plus Ting from SIQ. I enjoy their performance. Ah Lai jumped to the crowd a few times which really get everyone high.

After a 3 years break, 秋紅 Qiu Hong played their first show last nite. They played great and the crowd was very high when they played! It's great to know that people are singing along to their songs, imagine that they only released some demo mp3. They have the protential to get big! Keep on Rocking!

張震嶽 sang 3 songs and he spent too much time to fix the amp. I enjoyed his songs even though I don't buy his CD. I think I only bought one CD from him few years ago.

Also I really enjoy Whence He Came alot. It's their last show with the current line up. I really like their songs alot. Joshua is a great singer and guitar player! He's also a sincere guy too. Remember the first time I met him and talked to him after a show.

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