Monday, June 13, 2005

Who's The God?

Tonite after the dinner with G-ONE cores and Hilson (talked to him about joinning G-ONE) I took 102 bus home, this old man (let's call him A) talked to me as he thought I didn't know about the bus. Anyway, so after we got on the bus, A asked me to sit close to him so we can talked. A mentioned about his son and how he was lucky to meet a girl when he was not doing well in other aspects. I told A I am a christian and my story about what God has given to me while I was recovering my feet. Anyway, A then asked me about how can I forgive my enemy. A (he's a Tao 道教) told me he studied in some Catholic or Christian schools before. As he started to tell his story on forgiving, then another old man (a Christian and he's a genetics 遺傳學 professor who had been paying attention earlier) jumped in and said it's hard to forgive your enemy. He said he can forgive the Japanese when they invaded China but can't forgive the Chinese Communist because they killed his family. The professor is 70 years old and he made some comments on humans. He said to me that one time he was at France given out his speech, saying that as species 生物, it's ok for the people who has down syndrome 唐氏綜合症 not living in this world because they give too much pain to the parents and also themselves. They also cost this world extra effort. He told us many people from that conference argued with him. Anyway, I told professor I also disagree with him. Then he asked me this question, saying why? I told professor becuase nobody has the right to say who deserves to live and who doesn't deserves to live. Then he said to me, "Who's the God?" I then understood that he used the negative saying to approach to us that only God has the power to choose who lives or who's not. I later asked him about the conflict between science and religion? He told me we human try to think we make the rule, but actually it was God who has created all the rules many many years ago. He said that many scientist tried to find that one answer but at the end, they find the answer from the bible. Too bad that he has to leave the bus. Otherwise we could keep on this subject.

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