Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Edmonton Gathering

So nice to be able to see many of my old friends from Edmonton! Yeah that was the time I first went to study in Canada, before I moved to Toronto. Some of the guys/girls I haven't seen for over 13, 14 years since I moved to Toronto. It's so great to know everyone is doing fine. Some got married and even Sunny has a baby boy now!

We gotta have another gathering later and hopefully more old buddies will come out next time! We talked about the old days, there were good and bad moments, but we all think that they were all good memories.

Oh yeah next Tuesday I will fly to Toronto! Can't wait to see my good friends there. I am getting excited as I haven't seen them for 3 years since moved back to HK. I am sure the trip will be a good one because Toronto, to me, is the best city in the world.

Maybe one day I will move back there!

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