Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Band

Let's talk about the bad news first! Our guitarist Chi will be leaving us after 2 months jamming with us. He's going to Australia trying to find a job there. Well, I wish him all the best! However his departure really hit our band hard as he's one real good person with good guitar skills and songwriting idea.

Well, then there is this good news. My friend Benny came to our bandroom to jam with me and Pak To last night. This kid is awesome. He's a good vocal who can play decent guitars and drums. I have known him for 2+ years now and he's a really good person. He also have alot of passion in music and life in general. I guess Benny and I have quite alot in common like how we look at the indie music scene and also our views toward the city and the life in HK. Anyway, we will try to play with him more to see if things can work out. Hopefully he will be our vocal for the future!

We gotta work hard and hopefully we can do something with this band!

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