Thursday, January 03, 2008

Still Can't... But

Actually I don't think I can't bury my love for her. After all, we really had gone through alot of good and bad times. After all, I still care about her. I guess I don't need to bury my love, probably just learn to love a person another way, which is to wish her well and to keep distance from her.

Now I need to turn my love to God. I believe that by focusing my love to Him, the result will only be a good one cos I still believe He will provide the best for me.

I am starting to read Job now so I hope to learn that how Job can rely on God through all the bad times!

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beracahvalley said...

I think it will take some time somehow to let go or something or accept it. I am not sure what to say thou but I will keep you in prayer. Yup, yup.