Monday, January 28, 2008

Wishes of 2008

We share our wishes of 2008 during G-ONE VSG today. My wishes are these:

To learn the true love is, to love the way like Jesus does. It's a tough lesson God taught me. It sounds simple but quite hard to do, especially for me who didn't know what is love. It's so easy to say I love you but can you still love someone if he/she hurt you? Or can you accept someone's fault because you love him/her? Over the years, I have hurt so many people! I hope that in the future I will not hurt anyone anymore.

I hope that I can work hard against my sin. It's not an easy task but if I pray hard, rely on God; then I should be able to get better and better and eventually I should be over it!

I need to learn how to manage my money! Talked to a sister last night I realized that I never tried to manage my money wisely. I think it's time that I need to do it. Maybe when someone told me she didn't feel secure or didn't see a future with me, it's because I didn't have any plan for my future. I hope that by starting to save up money, I can make some plans for my future.

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