Saturday, April 07, 2007

April 7

It's my birthday today and can't believe that last year ran so fast! I enjoyed last year alot because my band finally completed the line-up and we worked hard together! Then I got a decent job at city'super. Even though I had alot ups and downs with cching but we are still happily together. Barcelona is still on the top of the league! My family are doing good so I guess I really have to thank God for giving me alot over last year. I hope that I can do more since I am a year older now.

Chi helped us to set up the recording stuffs at the bandroom today! He will also help us to record our demo. I hope we will have time to record 3 songs in April. We have some expectation but we are not going to put pressure on Chi. Anyway, thanks man for helping us out!

All the brothers from Mensheng, let's rock!

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