Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This weekend it's alright! On Friday I bought the Line 6 UX-1 with Kat. I still haven't got it running because I need to get some cables and etc. I am excited with this new toy because I can start recording some demo or guitar riffs whenever I have some new ideas. After dinner with Kat and her friend Tommi, went back to bandroom to record drums for Pak To. Billy showed up too!

Then on Saturday I met up Jessie at night for a band show at HK Baptist University. I saw some friends there as usual. When we got there we saw the last song of Hard Candy. They are going to experimental! Then it's An Id Signal, Los En Found, Blackwine and Sea Monster. The sound there wasn't that good and I think one of the speakers died down too. We didn't finish the show cos we needed to go to TST to Gabe's tattoo store. Yeah Jessie is getting a huge tattoo with a Chinese lady and snake all across her back! I can't wait to see when she gets it done! I also talked to Gabe that I wanna do a tattoo of my hero Ka Kui. So I am going to do some sketches and compositions now. After that I went to meet up lowee and her friend to drink at CWB. It was so cool that I got to meet some new friends. Hey to my new friend Ugine! YOU CAN ALWAYS CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!Went to church on Sunday morning after few hours to sleep. It was tiring and the sermon was soooo long! Sometimes I think when the sermon is too long it's hard to digest! It's been over 2 months that I haven't been to church and I gotta go back because I dont want to lose my faith again! At night we had some big chinese dinner to celebrate my Uncle 1 birthday! Again, I protested not to eat shark fin!

One last thought, I wonder if one day I can become a vegetarian.


ugine said...

hi dear, it's ugine here, very glad to know u as a cool fren. n thx for yr positive reminder always! :) cheers~ hope to cya soon

Addone said...

Vegetarian eh?
What would be your reasons for going vegan?...because there are few that come immediately to mind.

1) "If I become vegan, I can help stop animal resources from being exploited"...which doesn't really make an impact. However, I suppose if everybody made this protest, nobody would eat meat, and there wouldn't be a need for meat/poultry farms...leading to losses of jobs, etcetc. (Oh my.)

2) "It's not right killing animals for food." ...tied in with some referrals to the 6th commandment. However, people who use this forget that God told us to eat all things from Him...haha.

...not only that, there is only some protein you can only get from meat, which cannot be replaced by lentil/soy beans.

...you'll definitely have enough fiber though! Haha