Monday, April 02, 2007


Feel good to see some good old/new friends.

Thursday went to Wan Chai to find Kapooo and to have dinner with her. After the dinner went to her office to check out her design works and etc. Nice to hear that Kapooo is going to UK to study some styling/make up class! It's an 1 year diploma so I think it will be a good experience to live aboard.

On Friday I had dinner with Fiski at TST! It's good for us to talk about music and relationship stuffs! Add oil Fiski because I feel so happy that you and Billy are together! Work hard for this! BTW, thanks for teaching me some recording thingy!

Saturday got to meet up Jessie from myspace! What a cool person she is! Brought her to have some local "cha chan tang" at Central then went to HMV and Records Rendezvous ( to check out music. After some coffee times we went to Gabe's Ace Dragon Tattoo to check out! Jessie put down some deposit for her upcoming tats!

My friend Ki is now helping out at Gabe's store! He's the singer for the band Entwine ( so check out their music! Work hard my friend and one day you will get to do me some tattoos!

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