Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Come back from the retreat in Mui Wo. It was good because all the brothers and sisters got to sing, share, being silly in the retreat! Can't believe that we were singing alot of the 80s songs at night. Of course the worship part was great because we got to choose our favorite worship songs to sing and sing LOUD!!!

We also did some great thing on the 2nd day as we went to visit and elderly home. I saw that an old lady she didn't have much smile on her face. After we sang a few songs, I saw tears came down from her face as she went on to wipe her eyes. At the last song, I can see smile on her face after some prayers with the elders. Good job Tsui to organize this surprise event at the end of the day.

All the G-ONE bros and sis, let's work hard toward our goal!

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