Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Busy Busy

Just got home and finished the shower. It's 3am now and my hair is wet so I will wait a bit then go to sleep. These days I am so busy from work as I need to go to all citysuper stores to have photo shooting. Just to imagine that I need to get up so early in the morning and then shoot photos for like 4, 5 hours straight. So now we completed two stores and still have 5 more locations to go. It's a good project because I can learn alot from the photographer also I know more about the company now!

After work today I went to bandroom for recording. While waiting for Pak To for the drums session. I accidentally locked myself outside the room. Gosh, I was just wearing a tee and boxer. My phone, pants and money were all inside the room. So I went down to call Pak To to ask him to rescue me.

So the click for song 1 is done now. It's quite a complicated song with lots of tempo/time signature changes. I think this is a fun song to play. Hopefully we can nail down the drums tracks this week. We are so behind!

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