Monday, May 14, 2007

Paul Let's Fight Show

The show last night was great. I guess round 2 (on the 12th) was better than round 1. Great to help my friends during the show. It's my pleasure to be able to help out in any way when it comes to music. Got to meet Paul and talked a bit. It's good to know that his pressure is now off since the ticket sales were pretty good. I hope that by doing this, we can together make the music scene more diverse and healthy. I hope this show will become an annual festival like the Ozzfest, Family Value Tour and etc. So let's fight!!!

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Addone said...

Hey man...nice new look to the blog.

My dad showed me something last night on YouTube, not sure if it was from this or not, but at one point Paul was playing the Imperial March from Star Wars. It sounded great, and then he started screaming non-nonsensically and I walked away.