Sunday, May 20, 2007


Seems like I update my blog weekly now! I guess I just don't have much time to update as much as before. Though it's still good to write and to share some of my thoughts and stuffs happen to me.

Finished another song's drum tracks few days ago, so one more song to do then we can start to track other instruments. Beside, we can return all the mics for the drums and not to concern the mic placement. In the same time we can start writing new songs.

This week has been quite good except that 2 days ago I got intestine inflammation. It was probably the bad preserved dry mango from bandroom. However, Pak To also had it but he'e fine. Anyway, Saturday morning around 4am I got awaken from the pain. I couldn't go back to sleep and I was in pain continuously. So I had to go see the doctor when they open. The doc gave me an injection and some medication. So my whole Saturday afternoon I was home sleeping and resting. What a waste! Now I feel better but I still can't eat much except some congee and white bread.

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