Wednesday, December 12, 2007

God Answers

Last night at cell group, we talked about praying. These days I am trying to learn the true praying. God knows everything but He still wants to hear from us. Sometimes I am afraid to tell Him what I want because maybe I don't have enough faith or simply I am just too logical. The brothers from group told me that I can just pray from my heart because the holy spirit will lead me the way. I still hope that one day we can get back to each other; I know God listens and I think sooner I will know his answer more and more. No matter what's the outcome, I am sure He will give me the best thing that I can never think of.

Anyway, reading the bible today it seems like God answers me with this verse from Matthew 21:21-22

21:21 耶穌回答說:“我實在告訴你們:你們若有信心,不疑惑,不但能行無花果樹上所行的事,就是對這座山說:‘你挪開此地,投在海裡! ’也必成就。
21:22 你們禱告,無論求甚麼,只要信,就必得著。”

21:22 這裡並不是保證只要我們向耶穌祈求並相信,就可以得到我們想要得到的一切,神不會應允那些會傷害我們或別人的祈求,及那些違反祂的本性和意願的事情。耶穌的話並不是一張“空白支票”。我們的祈禱必須與神國度的原則一致,我們的信心越強,我們的祈禱就越能符合神的旨意,神亦會很樂意應允這些禱告。

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