Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

It was a wonderful Christmas night! Last night I joined my church to have the Christmas carol. It's actually my first time if not wrong. I even brought the acoustic guitar out! We gave gifts to the people on the street too.

Then we went back to church to worship! During the sermon God again tells me to wait and be patient. Yes many times I heard that but I just couldn't stop to think and react. Therefore I bumped into troubles alot in the last month. But thanks God, once again He reminds me that I need to learn to listen to him and follow his time line. It's not easy but I think this is the only exit for me now!

Last night was also a memorial night because I bought my church cell group friends to Mensheng bandroom. I told them the history for this place and we prayed for it. We prayed that God will use this place to glorify him and we prayed that my bandmates from Mensheng will open up their ears/eyes to hear/see the gospel through me and become Christian one day! God has his plan so I am relying on Him. At the same time, I have to be better and to let them to see my life, the life that Jesus saves.

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