Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Experiencing with God

Speaking of interview, actually I turned down an interview which is on Monday. Well, last Friday I got a call from a design company as they told me they want to hire someone to do graphic design/ package design for an adult toys company. They were even okay with my expected salary. We arranged an interview on Monday. However I started to have this thought about conflict between the job and my belief. Anyway, I talked to some people (Christians and non-believers) and I received two different views. Then on Sunday after church, I got to talk to some bro and sis as I shared my thought, most of them suggested I shouldn't take the job. Anyway, I thought they were right and I said to myself, maybe I won't take the job but why not going to the interview to gain interview experience. Then Sunday night during our VSG meeting, we had a prayer meeting. As we prayed, there was a voice telling me DON'T EVEN GO TO THE INTERVIEW. It repeated a few times so after prayer I told the G-ONE family about not to go to the interview, they were all happy for me and told me God will have a better job coming up for me.

Anyway, after I rejected that job, I got 4 calls from yesterday (actually they were calls right after me sending out emails at the internet cafe). I don't know if I will get one of these jobs, but hey at least God rewarded me for the interview experience that I once have lost, and He actually gave me 4 of them!

Thanks God and I need your prayers!

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