Monday, October 31, 2005

Taxi Driver Ken

So after the wedding, I took a taxi with Uncle Jim and Auntie Jim. On the road we talked a bit and the driver also joined us a bit. So after getting uncle and auntie home, the driver drove me to my home. The driver and I talked a bit about life in general. I told him we were from a wedding banquet. The driver asked me have I got married, I told him I don't even have a gf. (Hey girls, take notes! hehee...) Anyway, he told me that he's married but divorced, though he has a daughter. I told him if his daughter is living with him, the driver said no and he started telling me his story. He told me that his ex-wife would not allow their child to see him. He said that back then they were rich and they earned good money, however the driver then told me few years ago he didn't make as much, but his ex-wife still spent alot and at last they got divorced. He said he didn't understand why people are always crazy for money. Anyway, I guess no one knows! I then told him about my belief and how I talk and pray to God. Guess what, he told me he's a Christian too! He told me because he was bad (illegal car race) before and his background couldn't win him his daugther when they got divorced. He told me he's so afriad that his daughter will soon forget him. I encouraged him to pray more and I shared him with my own story. The story is about Henry prayed for me for six years and how I finally turn to a Christian. We traded business card. After shaking his hand, all off a sudden I wanted to pray for him, so I held his hand and we did a prayer in the car. We prayed for him and his daughter.

I don't know what's going on in the future, but I know that if we have faith in our God, one day we will know the answer! I also believe that God will provide us the best we could never imagine! ADD OIL Ken!


Gloria said...

WOW, i can't imagine that u had deep conversation with a taxi driver who meet in the first time, i can feel that how amazing God is when u prayed with the driver! btw, i know that ur friend Henry got married and saw many albums of the wedding since Julia is in the same fellowship with Beverly~

Lowina said...

Wow! How moved. Uncle Korn is a taxi driver too and he likes to blow water with his customers. Nx time u get on his cab and pray for him as well pls Jo. He is very fdly and low b and rock, just like his daughter Lowina korn.