Monday, October 31, 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Jim

Congratulation to Henry and Beverly!

One of my best friends Henry got married in Toronto couple weeks ago! I was asked to be his best man for the banquet tonight! The hotel was very nice and classy! As for the food, I didn't really have the time to taste them because I needed to be one of the MCs as well. Tsui was the main MC and he was awesome! I thought I wasn't that good because it's hard for me to be serious when talking in front of people. So I guess I can manage to be a MC in some rock show but not really a wedding banquet. Anyway, it's so great to see them getting married! I have witnessed their relationship as well as their love under God's guide. What so amazing about their relationship was that there was a time that they were seperated because Henry went to Vancouver to study his master degree. You know it's so hard to maintain the relationship when the two were not together. Beside they had a good foundation, I truly believe that it was God who makes this marriage happens!

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