Thursday, October 13, 2005

Finally, I Got A Job!

Yes I got a job! I am so happy because it's the company I wanted the most from all my interviews. Even though the pay is not that good but it sure helps my future alot because of the type of work this company will do. I think I will get to learn alot from this job. Also the company is in Wan Chai so it's pretty close!

Will tell you guys more about the job later on! Take care y'all!

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Ben Tang said...

Continue on our conversation last night, I have checked the specs of iBook/Powerbook G4s, as mentioned Powerbooks have a faster system bus of 167MHz vs. 133/142MHz on the iBook, and faster spinning harddisks 5400rpm vs. 4200rpms on the iBook.

As said the difference is very noticeable, but taking costs into consideration I think you should go for one of the iBooks, shell out some extra cash for at least 1GB of ram, and then upgrade to a 5400rpm harddrive when days are easier.

I replaced the 5400rpm with a 7200rpm on my vintage Powermac and the difference is night and day! I can still work on Photoshop CS with that vintage beauty!