Monday, October 24, 2005

My New Job

It's been a week I haven't updated my blog! Why? Because I was so busy with my new job. I started on last Monday 17th. I don't have a regular work hour like most people do because this is a production studio; therefore when we have work coming in, we just have to finish it before deadline. Oh yeah, the deadline is always very tight! My first 2 days I left work at 1am and 11:45pm. It was because we had 2 jobs at the same day! Crazy!!! Though my average work hour is like 12, 13 a day! Just that I don't need to go to the studio that early. If there is no photo shoot in the morning, usually I get to the studio around 10:30am. As for the number of working days, I can tell you that there is nothing called "days of work" Like today (Sunday) and yesterday I went to work from the morning to 6ish because we had a photo shoot on Sunday's morning.

Overall this is a challenging job with alot of stuffs to learn! Like I won't get to do the same thing over and over. I need to know alot of different stuffs from creative aspect to production. Somehow I feel stressed because I never worked this long hour before, though the time run fast which is a good thing! I just hope that I can manage my time so I can do something on my own at some weekday nights. The director told me that many people don't last long in this company because they thought it's too much work load and hour, but then after they go back to the 9-5 job, they would find it boring!

More update on my job later, hope to take some photos to show you guys! I need some zzz now! Take care y'all!


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