Sunday, October 16, 2005

Life Show Vol.5

Last night went to Warehouse to watch the show! It was awesome! I couldn't get there on time. I missed Attention to Piss who I think started the show. I got to see Los en Found which played better than last time I think. Then I talked to Hang in person for the first time. As I may join their band and see what's going on! I am sure in love with playing hard music! Went back to see the show after the break and it was thelovesong. They are great band and I really enjoyed their music last nite. Then I met Jacqueline to talked about guitars and her band. She introduced me another guy who may play guitar for her band later on. Anyway, good luck! So we went back to watch King Ly Chee. They played very tight and very good as a band. The crowd went nuts! Circle pit, battle field!!! Man If I am 10 yrs younger I am sure will be in the pit! haha. After KLC, it was the main band Tookoo from Bejing. I think they are ok but not that particular. Jacq and I were in the front checking out the guitarist's effect pedals. He used around 8-10 pedals. He did have some cool sound. Though for me I like it simple. :) After show talked to Jacq and her friend for a bit more. This guy told me he didn't listen to any music in 2003 because he said there wasn't any good music. Funny dude! Oh yeah, he's a Christian too! I asked him to go to Mong Kok for Future Acoustic on 29th.

So after I left Warehouse, I headed to LKF to meet up a friend from Macau. She brought me to her friends' party and we drank a bit and danced abit. Seriously it's not really my scene but hey I enjoyed a drink or 2 so it was ok. Got home around 5:30am and I was dead! haha

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hahaderek said...

man, i wished i had a social life like you do.