Monday, January 30, 2006

Back Home

Back home last night at 12ish. It was a good trip except the 2nd last day, many many stores were closed in Taipei due to Chinese New Year. I didn't get to go to The Wall which is a place for music, music and more music. It has a venue that can fit over 650 people and many stores in that place. Basically it's like a forum! Though I still enjoy my trip alot! I ate alot and I felt I have put on 5-8 lbs. Oh gosh!!!

Overall I think Taiwanese are very polite with good manner. I enjoy their culture alot! There are many many bookstores and we have spent quite some times there reading. I have bought 2 books, one is about undergound music in China and the other one is about a famous Taiwanese death metal band Chthonic.

Oh there are many pretty girls in Taipei too! Though I don't see many handsome guys. So if you are single and you can speak a bit of Mandarin, try your luck in Taipei!!!

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Lowina said...

That's what my dad did and married a Taiwanese chick!

I like the way they always cross the road when the green light's on